Wednesday, October 28, 2015

October 26, 2015

Guys, missions are the best. I haven't had much time to write lately, and I feel like my emails have been coming off a bit depressing... So I'm just here to say, I'm so happy. This is the greatest work and I get to be a part of it! I learn so much every day from our Father in Heaven and I am truly the happiest I have been. We went to Yerevan with some other sisters lasty P day. I had my first pizza in 9 months and we went to the ZOO!! It was so much fun, and suprisingly really nice. I also learned how to make borsh this week. It's pretty much just a soup that they throw everything into! It was really good though. We have been meeting a lot of really great people lately who are all super excited to talk to us! We called a former investigator from the area book and went to meet with her. We found her house and it wasn't actually her house... But the family invited us in and they were super great, aside from giving us grape juice that they made that was actually wine! So yeah, I've had wine now. Don't worry, it's not even good. SO not worth it. haha We also have done a lot of service this week! Well, we go with the elders and people let them do service, but since we are girls, we just like make the food. Hey, but it's fine with me! We went to pick pears for a lady one day and her trees are super tall. So we hold a tarp and one of the elders climbs up and just shakes the whole tree! It's pretty effective haha. After service, we sit around and someone plays the guitar and we all sing and dance. I love Armenians. :) I've been thinking a lot lately about my decision to be on a mission, and all the things I'm learning here. I would've been fine had I not come. I would've continued to study, gotten married, raised and family, and been relatively happy. But now, I will do all of those things with a sure knowledge that all things are possible when we rely of God. That means putting Him first, loving Him and His children with all our heart, might, mind and strength. Sure, I can do things on my own and be fairly successful, but I know now how much more successful I can be through His infinite power and strength. "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." Christ really does strengthen us. He's made a lot more out of me than I ever could have. His love is perfect and endless. I love My Savior more and more each day. And I love all of you!!! Mets mets sirov, Qyur Blanchard

Our shooka! This is how we grocery.

This village just got water! YAY!

October 12, 2015 Pretzels in my Purse

Well things are going great here. We are still having a little lack of investigators, but we've been talking to everyone and I know they will come! We also had two awesome baptisms this weekend!! It was a little stressful to have right after the members had just endured two sessions of conference. But we had pushed back their dates a few times and they were both so ready and excited to get baptized that we didn't want to wait any longer! They are both grandmas who had been brought to church by some friends in the ward, both around 2 months ago. They are just the sweetest!!! The had such a simple and sincere desire to get baptized. It was a beautiful service. I could see it in their countenances when they came to church the next day and received the Holy Ghost. They have both been changed. It was a miraculous thing to witness. I am so blessed to be around such inspired followers of Christ, be it other missionaries, leaders, members and strangers. I learn so much every day from all of them and ultimately from my Savior. Conference was amazing. I absolutely loved it. I learned so much and received so many answers to my questions I had. A lot of times, the questions I have are really questions i feel like I already know the answers to, but it's not applying the way I want it to. If that makes sense. Simple things like, What am I supposed to be doing to find investigators? Or, How do I help people understand that this IS Christ's ONLY true church? Things I understand, but don't seem to be working. One of the main themes of conference for me was simplify and focus on Christ. It is the fundamental principles and teachings of the Gospel that I must continue to rely on so that I can accomplish what God would have me do. There is no secret formula or magic potion. Simply do what you know you are supposed to, at the level you understand and focus on the Savior, Jesus Christ. So, I'm excited for this week. I feel my spirits have been lifted and my determination renewed. I'm not going to try to complicate things so much, I'm going to rely on Christ and His example and teachings. Love you all! Sister Blanchard

This weird fruit we ate from India. It tasted like nothing. 

I told our investigator that I could eat these pretzel things all day long and so she took a giant handful and dumped them into my purse.... Thanks haha.

A pretty little river

When we got stuck on the side of the road because the marshootni was late for like an hour. 

October 5, 2015 Cat in the Church

This week was crazy. We've had a lot of people dropping us lately... So that's kinda rough. And we feel like we can't find new investigators! But we're working on it. Sister Kindt said last transfer, people would just walk into church... And in Hrazdan, pretty much anyone would invite us into their homes. None of those things are happening lately sooo we're trying to figure something out.Also we've been getting stuck out in little villages in the middile of NOWHERE lately because transportation comes late, or people aren't home when we planned to come... Mission life!!!! I feel like I've learned a lot about the Lord's timing lately. I've seen how He really does prepare people to later receive the Gospel. I feel like sometimes I'm more on the "helping people prepare" side of things, if that makes sense. I've taught so many people that I know have so much potential! But then they just aren't ready... But I know that by meeting us when they did, the Lord is preparing them. I've learned a lot about patience from that as well. Patience is really trusting in the Lord to fulfill hhis promises and relying on His timing. We were teaching this great girl that was about 15, but her brother told her she can't meet with us anymore... I was sad. And a little mad, honestly. But I know that God has a plan. And HE is in charge, not this girl's brother. So it will all be okay. We do what we can and the Lord does the rest. Or more like the Lord does absolutely everything. I haven't seen conference yet (we'll watch it next week) but thanks for all the previews everybody! I've been overwhelmed lately at how cool it is that we have a LIVING prophet today. How crazy is that?! God loves us so much, He wants to guides us each indivdually and as a people today. I can't wait to watch conference! We do have towo baptisms this week after conference!! Two old grandmas that are friends with some women in the ward. They are awesome! They both started coming on their own about two months ago and both want to get baptized so bad! We are very excited for them both. So it's going to be a great weekend! This week we had about 60 members at church!!! It was so great! We also had no electricity and STILL have no electricity... but it was still great! The members are awesome! Once a month people bring food and they give it to all the members! It's so great. Everything is great haha. Oh so we were in Ward Council and we had some scheduling problems so we were texting the elders about it and our text tone thing is the sound of a cat. Of course we forgot to turn the sond off so you just here this little "meow" from the back of the room and everyone freaks out and to this very moment they all think there was a cat in the church... I just got an update about my favorite little branch in Hrazdan as well!! They had over 30 people at church on Sunday!! YAY!!! Things were kind of falling apart when I left. My last sunday there, there were only 4 members in church. So things are looking up!!! Love you all! Love this work! Pray that time will slow down for me, because I'm only a little bit slightly freaking out that it's already OCTOBER. what. Mets sirov, Sister Blanchard