Monday, April 6, 2015

Hello everyone fram ARMENIA!!!! 

I made it safely and went off to my area Hrazdan on Friday. Armenia is very beautiful. People live in very humble conditions here, especially in any area that isn't Yerevan. Hrazdan is very poor. People live in very humble conditions. We have some amazing members and investigators though. Our branch is super small and very new. The people are very loving and accepting though which I really appreciate. Sacrament meeting was very cool. Although I could not understand much, the Spirit was there so strongly and I felt so lucky to be among these wonderful people. My companion is great!! (Just a forewarning, I can't mention names or show pictures of anyone in the country!) So she's been out three months (one transfer) and is very smart. We have been getting along great and she's really trying to help me get adjusted as soon as possible! She works very hard and I'm grateful for her example. Yesterday we met with some new investigators and we now have 3 new baptism dates! I'm so excited for everyone. I definitely know that this is what Heavenly Father wants for them. I could feel the Savior's love for them as we tught them and they chose to follow His example and be baptized. It's very hard to understand people right now!!! They just laugh at me a lot of times. But they say for only being here for a few days that I'm doing really well! I'm a little frustrated with not being able to understand well, or respond the way I want, but I know it'll come. I also know for a fact that the Savior has been helping me along. I know that because of His sacrifice for me, He is able to strengthen me to serve people in the way I need to. I know that the Book of Mormon is such a powerful tools. It has the ability to change people's hearts and help them become better. I am grateful for this experience. It is hard right now, but there's nowhere I'd rather be. Seeing these people and everything they are going through, I know that the principles of the Gospel will strengthen them and make their lives better!

Love you all! Hope America is still treating you well! Till next week, Sister Blanchard