Thursday, May 28, 2015

I am a Potato Farmer

The weather is finally consistently nice! So the gardens are coming out! People here garden enough food and things to make it through the whole winter! So we've been helping everyone prepare their gardens. I dug and planted sooooo many potatoes this week, I could do it in my sleep! So I'm thinking of starting a potato fam when I get home. It's a work in progress, but after this week, I think I've got the skillset. 

This weekend was Stake Conference so we were in Yerevan almost the whole weekend. Saturday morning we had a meeting with all the missionaries and Elder Bennett (from our area presidency) and Elder Halstrum (from the Quorom of the Seventy). It was my first time seeing everyone together! It was so cool! We learned a lot about how the Lord's success is not neccessarily our idea of success. We were told to have hope and not get discouraged when we don't see immediate success. I've been trying to ask myself every night if I gave everything I could to the Lord that day. And if I did, it is now in His loving hands and I need not worry. I have also been trying to learn how to be better led by the Spirit. Elder Halstrum said that if we have our minds set to act upon what we learn, we are automatically elevated and able to be directed moreclearly by the Spirit. It comes down to our desire. Do I want to change and improve and be a better instrument in his hands? 

After our meeting I went on a split in Yerevan for the day with another sister! So fun! The city is crazy hectic. I should have taken more pictures ahh. On Sunday we traveled to Yerevan from Hrazdan with our branch. We had a bus and a van to make it there. And of course, we were sooooo late. My companion and I were like running around the city trying to gather everyone up and get them ready! People here don't wake up in the mornings... And then our bus drove so slow. It was like a walking pace. I could've pushed the bus faster! We made it about halfway through. But it was great seeing the whole stake together! There were maybe 300 people there! Our leaders made many promises about a temple coming to Armenia sometime in the future!!! I'm so blessed to be here at this time of great growth in the church! 

I don't have much time now, but remember God loves you and you are GOOD! Till next week, Sister Blanchard