Saturday, June 13, 2015

Did This Week Even Happen?

Like, honestly I can't even remember this week! And it's already JUNE! Happy summer everybody! Time is flying!

We have met a lot of awesome people this week! We met a young mother on the street one day that has two young boys and they are super interested in the gospel! The dad is in Russia for work and I dont think he's been back much. But the little boys come in excited to learn and read and pray and it's so great! I have seen how the gospel has helped their family become stronger already! One of our other investigators just got a job at this weird little shooting range for kids. So we won't be able to see her much for a while, but she is still progressing and we just visit her at work now. We didn't hav any investigators at church this week... but it worked out for the best becuase we basically cancelled the third hour for no reason.... That's Armenia!

We've still been doing a lot of gardening this week. So one day we were out and my companion was joking around and accidentally hit one of the elders in the face with the shovel! He triedto play it off like nothing happened, but it started bleeded and it was just not fun. So my companion felt hrorrible! We decided to make him feel better and we wrote him a rendition to Brittney's greatest hit: DONT Hit Me Baby One More Time. Much better than the original if you ask me. And he accepted that form of embarrassment as an apology. All's well!

But one of our favorite members (this old lady that is kinda blind and calls me Barbie) is spreading the rumor that the elder tried to kiss my companion so she punched him. Good stuff. We're proud of that rumor. Something I've been working on theis week is listening with love. I am truly trying to love people as they are talking to me. And you know what? It's helped me understand better! I have felt even more love towards people. I used this trick to help break down the language barrier, but I know it can work for much more than that! If you want to love and understand someone, just try! And Heavenly Father will bless you with love for everyone! I have felt such a strong bond of love with these people, which is something I am truly grateful for. We are all brothers and sisters in this life. And we are all capable of loving each other if we love our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Keep being great, everyone!
I love you all! Sister Blanchard