Saturday, June 13, 2015

So Much To Say!

So much random stuff to say this week, and not much time. So I apologize in advance for this scattered email!!!

We went to Lake Sevan last P Day with our district! It was sooo much fun. It's a beautiful area and there's an old church up on a hill (just like everywhere else in this country). We visited the church and ate and skipped rocks and it was so fun! Weird food for the week... Matsoon. i dont even know. It's some disgusting dairy product straight from the cow. Kinda like greek yogurt, but like worse!

We've been eating/drinking that a lot lately. Bleh. Oh! Also, no one freak out, but we almost got struck by lightning the other day! We were out and the storm was coming in fast! We didn't even see it coming! But lightning striked... stroke?.. no, striked right above our heads! It hit all the power lines and everyone's lights went out! It was the loudest thing ever. We were luckily just leaving an investigator's appartment and she called back to us to wait it out inside. And we met her friend who we're going to go visit! God works in mysterious ways! Another funny story. We were sitting at this picnic table outside waiting for our investigator and these four young girls (maybe 11 to 14 yrs) came up and started talking to us. They were super sweet! And so our investigator shows up and we get up to leave. We're walking away but still kind of talking to the girls, so I obviously wasn't watching where I was walking, and I stepped right into this hole that was like 2 feet deep where people throw their trash.... I really haven't changed all that much I guess!

We've also just had a lot of old cranky people yell at us this week. The Adversary is real. There are times when I walk away almost in tears. But I've realized that we, as missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints, truly are representatives of Jesus Christ. I think about all He went through on this earth to bring people His gospel. It is a priviledge to do what He would do if He were here, especially when it's hard. Now, a little update on investigators. We have met some solid people lately who are really starting to progress. One day, we were out and all of our plans fell through. Literally, we had nowhere to go. We got a call from our elders and they said that one of our members had a friend at the church who needed a friend. We went and met her. She's been through a lot in her life. She is sick and smokes a lot and feels like Satan is out to get her right now. But she told us that she had a dream and she saw the golden plates! We are all ready to teach her. For a while she said she just wants a friend, but she called us a few days ago and asked for the Book of Mormon. She is so ready and we are so excited!!

I'm out of time dang it!!! So much is happening here! But I love you all and I love my Heavenly Father! Have a great week Sister Blanchard