Wednesday, July 8, 2015

June 16, 2015

I have a lot of random things to say right now and I hope I get to everything. First thing's first, you should all be jealous of me. I am living in one of the most beautiful places in the world!! Transfers are next week and I am praying with all my might that I stay here! My Armenian is coming along well so I've decided to pick up some Aarabic. My companion majored in Aarabic so she's been teaching me some sick phrases. I'm coming home fluent in two languages so you better watch out! We've been making cookies for everyone and just dropping them off at people's houses if they can't meet. The other day we took some cookies to a member's house. The next day, we ran into that member's sister and she asked us why we put soap in the cookies! She said they smelled like soap! What the heck! She probably thinks we tried to kill her! I mean, I know baking is different here, and everything is in Russian, but I'm pretty positive we didn't just try to poison our member! Awkward. On more important news, we have a baptism this Saturday! I'm not sure if I've mentioned this investigator really or not, so I'll give you the down low. She's 24 and we met her about a month ago. From the beginning, we felt like she just wanted to get together with us and try to speak english. But she has been surprising us every day! We ask her to read things, and she does. She comes to church and even participates! She got a job and still wants to meet with us every day! She gone to YSA and institute activities and now has great friends in the church. And I know that her dilligence has been a huge blessing in her conversion. We are so excited for her!!! I read a great talk from General Conference this week that everyone should read. It's Elder Oaks' "Parable of the Sower". There is one part I really liked. Spiritual food is necessary for spiritual survival, especially in a world that is moving away from belief in God and the absolutes of right and wrong. In an age dominated by the Internet, which magnifies messages that menace faith, we must increase our exposure to spiritual truth in order to strengthen our faith and stay rooted in the gospel. Increase our exposure to spiritual truth. That's how easy it is! I failed to recognize this before my mission. If we want a sureway to sta strong we must turn to the source. We have a constant source of daily bread in our Savior, Jesus Christ. We turn to Him by humbling ourselves in prayer, reading His word and acting how He would act. The spiritual truth which I believe needs a greater attention in this world is our divine and eternal potential. By our Heavenly Father's love and infinite wisdom, we were created and live each day. We have His constant care and guidance in our lives. And we CAN succeed in this life. He made it so! Have hope and remember that we are all so good. And we are on this eternal journey together! I love you all! And so does your Father in Heaven! Sister Blanchard