Wednesday, July 8, 2015

July 7, 2015- Happy America Month

We changed it to America month so we could celebrate longer. And poke fun at an elder in our area from Wales. We celebrated hard with burgers, fries, watermelon, brownies and sh'mores. There were even fireworks! Which isn't really that cool since there's fireworks about every night here. But still. AMERICA!!! I just want to talk about a few of the amazing miracles we've seen this week! Answers to prayers!!!!! It's just little things, but we have noticed as a companionship that when we ask for specific things, God gives them to us. Last week at the start of our Preparation Day, I prayed that we would have time to accomplish everything to be prepared for the week. We almost went on this hike, but decided not to go. That night, the elders called us and said they had been gone all day and didn't have any water. Since we stayed home that day, we had plenty of water at our house and were able to help them out. Also, that same day, Sister K prayed that one of our investigators would accept a baptismal date. And when we went over to her house that night, SHE brought up baptism with us! It was so cool to see how Heavenly Father softened her heart. Later this week, another miracle happened. We have a 14 yr old less active member who will not let us meet with her. We tried all last tranfer and took her notes, and flowers and cookies and she always just said she was busy. We had prayed so much all transfer that we could just get into her house and get to know her. And one day this week, it happened! We finally got to go in and talk to her and we picked up her mom as an investigator! I know that God answers our prayers, whether it be that day, or not in this lifetime! If we ask in faith, we will receive. I have felt an increase in hope all around since serving with my new companion. She has a lot of faith in other people and in our goals we set and in Heavenly Father. I feel like that is strengthening my faith a ton. And because of that, soo many people this week have recognized a difference in us. We have found so many new investigators this week, and it's because people recognize that faith in us, and recognize us as servants of Jesus Christ. Yesterday, I fasted to better recognize the Spirit. And I got a very interesting answer from Heavenly Father. During sacrament meeting, I was pondering it some. And the thought just came to me that if I was just more willing to say the things that come to my mind, I would be able to recognize the promptings of the Spirit. God didn't flat out tell me how I recognize the Spirit, but He gave me the direction I need to find out. I don't know if that even makes sense... But it was cool. We were teaching a family this week that we LOVED. But their father, who's in Russia, apparently said we can't go over anymore. We were so upset. But studying this morning, we understood a little bit better about the disappointments we feel as a missionary. We experience disappointments, because of the love we have for people, but we don't need to get discouraged. God has a perfect plan for each of His children and I know that he loves them all and will watch over them. Their opportunity will come. I have learned so much and grown so much this week. I love these wonderful people and I love my Heavenly Father. On a last, and super important note, I heard an Armenian rendition of Candy Shop by 50 Cent this week. I hope all is well back home! I love you all so much! Sister Blanchard

Giant Cotton Candy!

Fourth of July Celebration!

We found how to get up on the roof of our building.