Monday, August 10, 2015

July 20, 2015- WA-DA-MALON

So we have this member whos an old grandma, probably in her 60's, and we taught her how to say watermelon this week. Armenians speaking english is probably one of my greatest joys. This same member gave one of our elders a head massage before church this week. He gets really bad migraines and she was rubbing his eyes and squeezing the heck out of his head. It was so funny. But sad to say, we haven't found the cure to migraines. Sorry folks.

Armenians have all these great little quirks and as missionaries, we are pretty stoked when we can consider ourselves like the armenians, լրիվ հայ, if you will. For one, they have revelation through dreams a lot. We have an investigator who has a lot of potential, but she is SO busy. We've been meeting with her forever and she hasn't been reading the Book of Mormon at all. So I had a dream one night. In which, she read the Book of Mormon. We called her that morning. Guess who read the Book of Mormon? Yup. And guess who had a dance party during companion study? Yup.

Armenians also have all these sayings. So one day, we're at another members house and a little fuzzy thing flies around my head, and our member tells us that means I'm going to get mail. The elders just happened to be in Yerevan that day and picked up mail for both me and Sister K! Yeah, it was my bday package... already. Props to postal services for that quick delivery. And yes... I already opened it. Whoops! It was so amazing though!! I loved everyone. Thanks to all my friends for the letters you gave me. Love you all so much. Everything is all hung up by my bed :) and ps to everyone reading this, I have the coolest family. EVER

One day we met this lady n the street. She didn't seem very interested but we set up an appointment to see her the next day. So on our way to her house we stopped to say hi to a member and this lady comes up and says basically "do you have any business here?" We're like uhh yeah we're just saying hi to a friend. And we're like super confused and so we just ask her name. Turns out it was the lady we were about to go meet... Totally forgot. So awkward.

So that's about all my fun stories. I wish I had some more time. But I just gotta say. I learned this week how bad Satan is trying to destroy our families! Everything he does is to attack our families and if we aren't careful, he could do it. However, in God's mercy, He has provided a perfect plan for us to protect and strengthen our families now and throughout eternity. It is called the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If we rely on His teachings and His infinite grace, we will be safe from all the bad in the world. That is a promise from our loving Father in Heaven.

I love you all! Sister Blanchard