Monday, August 10, 2015

August 10, 2015- A Million Barevel's‏

So "barev" is hello. And I haven't kept count, but I'm pretty sure I've said it over a million times now... ...I'm just gonna start spitting out some experiences

This week was great!! A lot of awesome things happened! I went on splits in Center this week which is like the richy-rich part of Armenia and I was just in awe the whole time. It was super fun though and HOT. I'm glad I'm in the mountains right now. I love my area.

So about a month ago, we were sitting at a bus stop and it had been a really rough week. Sister K had started crying a little after this lady wasn't very nice. And this one-legged man sits next to her to comfort her. He was a really nice guy. And last week, we saw him with his family by the church! And they invited us over! He has a wife and a 13 yr old boy and 10 yr old girl. They are an awesome family. It's amazing how the Lord works. Who would have thought that the one-legged man from the bus stop a month ago would have a family prepared to hear the Gospel.

One day we had an appointment cancel on us and Sis K felt like we should go see one of our newer converts. This young woman's brother just got back from serving in the army and doesn't let his sister do ANYTHING. She can't come to church, talk to anyone, and she had to quit her job! She just sits at home, alone and depressed and we don't know how to help her. We started feeling pretty discouraged, but when we went that day, her whole family was home and we got to answer some of her brother's questions. He's apparently heard some things about the church. He still doesn't believe us really, but I'm glad we got to talk to him. And we found out her parents are on our side so HA HA!

We have some really great investigators right now. I am just surrounded by some amazing people. I have been praying like nobody's business for more charity. Because, like Moroni says, we are nothing without it. And I truly can feel that God has opened my eyes to see people the way He does. God's love is real and powerful. It strengthens and purifies us. And helps us to do the things that our Savior would do. Well, we just got a call and have to go down to Yerevan now... So I guess that's all you get from me this week!

 Love you all, Sister Blanchard

After a rain storm, we had to stop on the way home and get some Georgian bread of course. Everyone thought we were crazy. 

We ran home in this rain. I honesty thought we were going to get struck by lightening. 

Our transport to district meeting. They shove almost 30 people in these things haha. 

This yummy little thing we ate. 

A yummy little restaurant. 

Someone hanging there doll out to dry. 

Our member's car got into a bit of an accindent. So glad I don't drive here.