Monday, August 10, 2015

July 27, 2015- Ah No Time!

I never have enough time to talk about all the exciting things that are happening dang it!!

This week was good. Things have been slow moving I feel likem, but still good. I've learned a lot this transfer. I know that the Lord works by small and simple means to bring about His work. I've always known that I think. But after this past month I feel like I understand it and believe it even more. It's true, no effort ever goes wasted.

We met an awesome investigator this week. She lives in another member's building and we met her there. She is an older woman with a son that has some disabilities. He's 8 years old and can't walk. She is pretty fed up with the fact that she can't get her son any help here. I'm sure I would feel that way too. We went over to their house on Saturday and the family really liked us. She really loves Sister K... which is fine haha. They live in one of those dormatories with only one room. The son is super sweet. Aside from not being able to walk, he seems pretty smart and capable. And he is very sweet. I felt a lot of love for them and really want them to understand the Plan of Salvation!! I obviously don't fully understand their lives, but because of Keeley, I feel a little connection with them. And I have a firm knowledge that this gospel will give them the eternal perspective that brings an assurance of peace and hope throughout everything. She loved talking with us and wanted to come to church with her son! We were going to go get her and when we went, Anahit had been called into work... At church we started out with 5 members there. The branch president wasn't even there... It was slightly disappointing. But people started coming in as the meeting went on and by the end we had about 15 people. But from having our investigator not be able to come, to having so few members at church, I was pretty sad. I caught a small glimpse at that time of what Heavenly Father must feel when His children make mistakes or are disobedient. Particularly, how He must feel when I am ignorant, or lazy, or rebellious. It helped me to understand God's love and patience for us. And through His mercy, I was able to feel a little more patience for everyone else. We have a family that left for the temple!! I am so so happy for them. And pretty jealous too honestly. They are very excited and I know it will be an amazing experience. We got them a little journal to take with them so that they could record their feelings. I can't imagine having so many close family names to take to the temple!!!

Anyways, we have been thinking about that a lot this week and trying to get our members excited about the temple, since they are all so new. I think it will be good motivation for them to keep active and even do missionary and family history work so we can get a temple here soon!! It's been making me miss the temple though.

Everything else is pretty normal. On friday we spoke in armenian the whole day. Even in the appartment. It was exhausting a little, but super helpful. I can't believe I can even do that!!! I love the language a lot and I've learned a lot with Sister K. A couple funny moments... We got charged by a sheep this week. One day we had an appointment with a new investigator and went to there house, knocked on the door, and no one seemed to be there. So we called them from the doorway and the dad is talking to us on the phone. And we hear him yelling on the other side of the door. Telling us he's not home... haha We try to always ask people if they know anyone who would want us to teach them. So were on the street one day talking to an older woman and she doesn't seem too interested in listening to us. So Sister K asks her if she knows anyone who would want to meet with us. And the lady thinks that we were asking for people to date us! So she proceeds to tell us that we are young and beautiful and shouldn't worry about that, we will fuind someone. And then she leaves...

I love you all!! Have a great week! Sister Blanchard