Thursday, September 17, 2015

August 31, 2015- Started from the bottom. Now we are here.

Wanna know why I love my mission President? This week for Zone Conference, the whole mission hiked Mount Aragats, The tallest mountain in Armenia. It took about 6 hours and we stopped about half way up and had a little zone metting on the mountain. We talked about our desires. And I've learned that God really does give us according to our desires. If we truly desire the happiness and salvation of others, He will let us be a part of that. If deep down, we really just want to be home, you guessed it, we will just think about home. The cool thing about this life is we have the opportunity, through Christ's Atonement, to change our desires so that they align with our Heavenly Father's will. That is when we find true happiness. That is when we recognize the immensity of God's love for His children and feel that love more fully in our lives. It all starts with our desires. And because of our Savior, we can find that happiness! I learned a lot from that meeting. And I also had a really sore bum... After the hike, we got a mini missionary to stay with us for a week! She's from Gyumri and shes almost 19 and about done with her mission papers!!!! YAY!!!! So we've been speaking just about nothing but Armenian this week! I'm surprised at how much I can understand and communicate pretty easily. We went on splits with her and another member one day too. It was kinda my first experience being a "senior companion" and having all the responsibility on my shoulders. I was super nervous. But then I realized, I actually kinda know what I'm doing out here! I've also realized, since I have to focus more on what I'm saying all the time in Armenian, how many random things I want to say all the time.. haha But our mini, she is the absolute best. She taught us how to make bread the Armenian way. Sooo delicious. And she's really a very dedicated girl. I'll send home some pics of her in my next letter. This week, our branch president's daughter got engaged. They have these special chocolates that you are supposed to put under your pillow that night and you'll see your husband in your dreams. I didn't see anyone... haha Now to the important stuff. Our investigators are doing well! Our branch president's other daughter should be getting baptized today. But there's noo electricity all areound the church right now... So we're just praying right now! Love you all! I can't believe it's already September. WHAAAT. Good luck to everyone in school! Praying for you all. մեծ սիրով, Sister Blanchard