Thursday, September 17, 2015

September 7, 2015- Read the Book of Mormon

I don't have too much to say this week. Our baptism last monday happened at about 8:30 pm.. But it happened! We didn't have electricty all day, and then the electricity came on and the water turned off! But everything finally worked out! It was so great. We had another baptism in the branch on thursday. This cute little grandma!!! So things have been great! All I want to say is that I can truly testify that there is a difference in our lives when we put the things of God first. I have seen it in my life and in the lives' of people I am teaching. God blesses us in ALL THINGS when we put the Lord first. I just can't believe another transfer is almost over. I wish I had some other things to say... But I think that's all I got right now. Oh and yes, my birthday is coming up. And no, I cannot believe it. Love you all!! Sister Blanchard