Thursday, March 5, 2015

Barev Zez!‏

Soooooooo I'm happy!! Service makes you happy. I have a firm testimony of that. 

The sick and afflicted are doing better! Sister Kindt, who had the worst case of mono of have ever seen, was almost completely healthy again within two days! It was so miraculous and demonstrated to me that the Lord is all-powerful! And everything He does is to help us! Sister Gowans still has staff pretty bad... She keeps going to the doctors and coming back with no answers. It's pretty frustrating for everyone, but we are praying for her and I know Heavenly Father will provide.

In other news, last Friday my companion received her travel plans!!!!! She is leaving on Monday.She flies to LA, Hong Kong and then to Singapore! I am so excited for her, but also so sad to see her go! She is an amazing example and friend to me and the people will love her so much. It's really cool how you are around such amazing people at the MTC. I think it is largely because you see the best in people here!

With my companion's travel plans and other recent happenings, I am so anxious to leave!!!! I am getting more comfortable with my planning and teaching and speaking. TRC has helped a ton! We teach lessons to other people who speak Armenian every week. And then soon we will skype with members in Armenia! It is such a great experience and I've learned so much! Also there is a man that works at the MTC, I'm sure if I said this or not yet, but he is from Armenia! His name is Zorab. He and his wife cam into our classroom to tell us about the country and show us pictures! It is such a beautiful place and I'm so privileged to go serve there! In class each day, we teach "investigators", right? So one of my teachers acts as an old man that he taught on his mission. And this week, he showed us a picture of this sweet little old guy! I already felt so much love for him. I realized that what I am doing here is really preparing me spiritually to be filled with the love of Christ for these people. 

I hope everyone's lives are full of peace and happiness. I know we can all become better if we follow the example of Jesus Christ in all that we do. Have a wonderful week.\

Sister Blanchard

"Then called upon the name of the LordLordbeseech thee, deliver my soul.
Gracious is the Lordand righteous; yea, our God is merciful.
The Lord preserveth the simplewas brought low, and he helped me."
Psalm 116:4-6