Monday, March 16, 2015

բարեվ ձեզ‏

We've had a crazy week!!! My Companion, Sister O'Boyle, left on Monday for Singapore!!! I'm so happy for her, but it was so sad to see her go. I am also way more excited for me to leave now. Only 19 days!!! Now I am in a trio companionship thing with the other sisters going to Armenia, Sister Kindt and Sister Nyberg. 

My language is improving a lot. I basically only speak Armenian in class now and I am feeling way more comfortable talking to people! We've been learning a lot more about the Armenian culture and history still and I am so in love with these people. They have a rich heritage of being strong and faithful to their beliefs and overcoming extreme hardships. I know for a fact the Heavenly Father has been preparing these people for the fullness of the Gospel. 

Yesterday, we even skyped with three people in Armenia and taught them a quick lesson! They were so great. I was really nervous, but I was surprised at how much I could actually understand. And I finally realized that they are real people! And they don't expect me to know the language right away. They were all so proud of us and so happy that we were trying to learn they're language. I CAN'T WAIT TO LEAVE!!!! 

Our devotionals this week were so good. Sister McConkie, from the General Young Women's Presidency spoke in Relief Society on Sunday. She taught about how our faith in Christ makes miracles happen in the mission. I am really striving to put my life into the Lord's hands, and trust that He loves me and knows how to help me the best. I know that He has enlarged me capacity to learn and to love. 

At Tuesday's devotional, we had Elder Quinton L. Cook and his wife speak to us! (They broadcasted the devotional, so check online somewhere and look for me in the choir!!) Elder Cook talked about how they assign our mission calls. He said the Brethren are spiritually exhausted when they are done! So much thought and care goes into assigning our mission calls. And I can testify, even from the MTC, that my call came from Heavenly Father. He also quoted President Hinkley who said, "If you have more faith, you will have more success". Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us. It is a perfect plan for our lives specifically, and it will help us become the best versions of ourselves that we can be. Then we can be welcomed back into His presence by His arms of unfailing love. 

Everything is amazing here. I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that if you trust in the Lord and are obedient to His commandments, we will be beyond happy. I know that no matter who you are or what you are going through, that the principles of the Gospel will help you. I am grateful for a loving and gracious Father in Heaven and a Savior Jesus Christ who lives and loves us. 

Have a wonderful week! Աստված ձեզ հէտ 
God be with you 
Love, քույր բլանչրդ