Monday, April 4, 2016

April 4, 2016- One Whole Year

Well this week was great!!! We had exchanges with our sister training leaders from Georgia this week! That was so fun! I learned how to pray in georgian, not that that will ever come in handy... But it's cool! We've got ourselves some great sister training leaders! And they've learned quite a bit of armenian already! They would say hi to people on the street in armenian and then when the people started talking they'd just look at us all scared because they didn't understand haha. We had a great time. We were less active hunting and we found a new investigator by asking this woman for directions! When we finally found the right apartment, the member we were looking for was just about to leave her house and it turned out to be perfect timing, or else we wouldn't have even seen her! She is awesome. She got baptized a long time ago with her daughter and son. They just randomly stopped coming when the kids moved out. But she was excited to see us and was very sweet! I love bringing people back. Less active work is very special. We've had a ton of people freaking out about the war. There is some fighting happening right now between Armenia and Azerbaijan. I'm not scared at all, because I know we are completely safe. I don't want the people to be scared either. I'm in the mormon chapters in the Book of Mormon and it's basically all war! Their country was being torn apart by it! Hundreds of thousands of people died. And it was all because they had turned away from the Lord. It pains me to see everyone hurt by the fighting happening here. I am incredibly grateful, however, that we have the solution! The Gospel of Jesus Christ will turn people's hearts once again to the Savior and He will give them peace and happiness through all the trials of life. I love serving Him and I love serving the armenians! It is service season once again! We went out to a village on Saturday and shoveled buckets of manure for hours! And to be honest, I really enjoyed it! Especially since it was followed by the best bread I've ever eaten in my whole life! Armenia is amazing. :) Two of my favorite girls in Armenia got their mission calls!!!!! One is going to Birmingham England and the other to Kiev Ukraine! I really believe that getting these youth out on missions and to the temple is the only way the church will be established in Armenia! So many lives will be blessed! I can't wait. Also, I've been in Armenia an entire year now!!! AHHHH!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe how much trime has gone by and how much I have changed. I am so grateful for Jesus Christ, who loved me, and each of us, enough to die for us. He granted us this wonderful opportunity to come to earth, have great experiences and become more perfected like our loving Heavenly Father. Their plan for us is perfect. And it is made perfect through Jesus Christ's Atonement. I love you all SO MUCH!!! Mets Sirov, Quyr Blanchard

Another super big Armenian church! This one is pretty close to our church. We pass it every day.

The view from our kitchen balcony! Can't remember if I've shown this before. It's so pretty!!!!

When you don't have a pot.

They gave us these hats because 1: no sunburns and 2: they're just so cute

When you don't have a door.