Monday, April 4, 2016

December 14, 2015- "This City, is my CITY!"

So transfer calls came in Tuesday night and I am now serving in Yerevan with Sister Steele as a Sister Training Leader! Woohoo!! I don't have a lot of responsibilities in leadership, just splits with the sisters and some more meetings to go to. But this week was crazy. We had 3 new elders, a new Georgian sister and a new Armenian sister come in this week! So Sister Steele and I went to the mission home with the APs to do interviews and transfer meetings and the works! It was soooo much fun. And then the next day was transfers and we were in charge of some meetings that day as well. Woohoo! After that things have settled down and I'm back in my new area! The area: We live in an area called Erebuni and we are serving there, and in Center, Malatia, and a couple other areas I'm not sure about... There's only one other set of sisters in the city. We cover over half of Yerevan and they cover the rest. We have a ward in Malatia and a branch in Kentron so we will switch off sundays depending on investigators. I've come a long way since my little Hrazdan villages. The city is full of commotion! There are people and stores and things everything! We have to take so much transport and I'm feeling so lost! But the work is so good here. The companion: Sister Steele is AMAZING! She is a transfer ahead of me in the mission, so she came with my trainer! She is all about missionary work and she has a super positive attitude about everything. She's from kind of all over the place, but claims Missouri. We've been working super hard together so I'm way excited for this transfer!!!! The investigator: On Saturday, early afternoon, we didn't know exactly what we were going to do. But our elders called and said they met a lady on the street when they were doing a finding activity with the new missionaries and that she was waiting for us at the metro! And so we ran out of the house like crazy people to go meet her! And guys, she is so prepared. We talked about our purpose a little bit, she had read the pamphlet that the elders had given her and had questions we were able to help her answer. We said next time we could talk about more but then she wanted us to teach her the first right there! So we taught her and I know the Spirit touched her heart. And that is an amazing feeling. To know that I could be an instrument in the hands of the Lord to touch this woman's life. She came to church the next day on her own and stayed all three hours! And she loved it!!! I am so excited for her. I can testify that God is preparing His children to receive the gospel. Never shy away from sharing your love for Christ to others. It always yields great blessings and happiness. The funny moment: So I was at my last appointment in Artashat with a member and her daughter and I was wearing this colorful thick cardigan I had just found in my suitcase. And we're sitting with this lady and randomly she just goes, "Hey you give me that sweater and I'll give you a different one! So that I can wear it and remember you. hang on, I'll go get one" .... So she goes and I'm like, whaa? But she brings back this boxy brown sweated with black squiggly things on it, super retro. So I said... ok! haha She was so happy. Armenians. They sure love ya. :) I think that's all I got! Sorry this was a lot and just kinda all over the place! I love you all and I love my Savior! Quyr Blanchard © 2016 Microsoft Terms Privacy & cookies Developers English (United States)