Monday, April 4, 2016

January 18, 2016- Guess Where Sister Blanchard Is?

hey everybody! So we have a bit of an interesting situation. One of our new sisters that was supposed to come in December hasn't come yet because something is wrong with her foot. (things are looking up though!!) So Sister Bauserman, who was supposed to train her in Hrazdan, has been with me and Sis Steele for about a month. This is Sis Bauserman's last transfer and she is AWESOME. I've learned a lot about from her love of serving others and her accent is spot on! It's been great to have her. Surprisingly, teaching with the three of us has been AWESOME too!! And she just served with Sis Kieffer last transfer, so we've bonded over that as well. We are really having a party. SO. Since she couldn't be in Hrazdan, we have come up here for A WEEK!!! We are working with an investigator that I taught when I was serving here and she is getting baptized on thursday!! I am loving being back so much. In the mission, they call Hrazdan "the promised land'. It's true. City Stuff: We met an amazing investigator through a less active tatik from Malatia. We are now teaching the 11 year old granddaughter. She has some sort of physical deformity, but she is really a smart girl. We talked about Heavenly Father's love for her and she really felt that love. That is one of my favorite things to testify about, especially to young teenagers. I know that God really does love them, because I can feel it. That has been the coolest blessing to bring to people. The light that changes in these people's eyes when they really understand their relationship with god is a miracle that I have been priviledged to witness on my mission. We also have been trying to pray with all of our taxi drivers before we leave. We had a really cool experience in Hoktemberyan this week. We have taken this same taxi driver before, and he's usually very happy. But this time, he was pretty upset. Of course, it was about money. We testified of all the good things in our lives and read from the Book of Mormon about how the Lord will take care of us. (Of course this was after we parked the car) And I felt prompted to tell him about tithing. the Lord has given us specific commandments to ensure our happiness and success in this life. We told him we could teach him and his family more about those blessings. He said a sincere prayer to his Father in Heaven and we left him with a Book of Mormon. We are so excited to help such a humble soul find happiness!! Our investigator in Kentron is doing really well. We STILL can't get a hold of her, but she's been coming to church even when we have to go to Malatia. We taught her this week and she is really overwhelmed with work and said she didn't think she could make it to church. We respected that, but later we talked about the sacrament a little bit with her. We told her how importnat that time is for us. And she, by HERSELF, said she would work more tonight so that she could come for an hour. I love her. Other than all that, I'm happy (despite the cold) and I'm healthy (despite the swine flu going around) and everything is so awesome!!!! I love you all. Have a great week! Quyr Blanchard