Monday, April 4, 2016

November 17, 2015- Another Week

I'm feeling sooooo much better this week. I was thinking back to what happened this last week and I didn't think that much happened. But then I remembered, either everything is a miracle or nothing is. THIS WEEK WAS A MIRACLE. I am serving our Savior, Jesus Christ in an amazing country with a remarkable people. What's not a miracle about that. We took a marshootni (the little van things) to a village the other day and a woman got off at the same stop as us. She had a little girl that looked about 2 and a bunch of bags to carry. Armenians don't always like to take your help so we got off and took her bags from her to help her home. We talked just a little. And she asks us if we are mormon. To which we say yes. And she says I used to go to that church. Turns out she and her two sons got baptized a few years ago and have fell into some trouble and haven't been back. We got her phone number and she said we could come back and talk to her!!! I can't wait to help her come back to church. In other less active news, we've been working with another woman since I came to the area, and I'm sure before that too. She is a long time member and just doesn't come. She is has a testimony, reads her scriptures, just wouldn't come to church. This sunday, she came. And her husband, a former investigator, came too. It was great. They came in while I was conducting the opening song. I just got so excited and couldn't even sing I was smiling so hard!! Our ward mission leader asked us to do a musical number during sacrament meeting. I was nervous to sing and kinda not excited. But I just stood up there and bore my testimony as much as I could through that song. And I am so grateful to our Father in Heaven for shedding His Spirit out upon His children. It was such a great feeling in that room. If for no one else, I know that He was bearing witness of His love to this sweet sister and her husband. Our meeting with Elder Kacher was amazing. I've been reminding that the Holy Ghost is truly what converts people. I want to always be worthy, willing and ready to yeild to the Holy Spirit. My goal for my whole mission is just to have as many people feel and act on the Spirit as I can. I feel like I am refocused and seeing clearly now how to really help people. God knows His children. Through the Spirit, He can and will meet all of their needs. I am just the instrument By which the Spirit is brought to these people. I am so grateful for my calling, for the miracles I am seeing every day. I love you all Also to my loving family. Our stake president spoke to us yesterday and said he is grateful to you for your sacrifices so that we can be here serving in Armenia. So thank you. Have an amazing week. Look for the miracles all around us. Sister Blanchard