Monday, April 4, 2016

February 29, 2016- No Leap Year?!

HEY EVERYBODY!!! This week was so fast. Do I say that every week? Maybe so... Fun things: Our district went to the zoo on Monday. We had a branch activity on the 23rd for National Men's Appreciation Day. Or something like that. The ice cream and flower stands are back out! So IT'S SPRING. A couple really cool things happened this week too. We got a call earlier this week from a member in Nork telling us to contact an old investigator. I didn't know the investigator. But Sister Steele has taught her. She said she is just amazing. She came to church every week, read every day, prayed and fasted and that she wanted to get baptized. But, she hadn't told her husband about the church. She stopped meeting because she didn't want to lie to him. We gave her a call and she said she told her husband and he is letting her come to church! We met with her and she said for the past few weeks she had been going to church in Nork with the member there. She expressed a real desire to be baptized still. She is still keeping all the commitments and she is ready. She didn't know if she could come to church on Sunday, but by some miracle, she made it! She was so happy. We are really trying to go by her needs and find out from the Spirit when she should be baptized. She has to have a surgery really soon and she is scared that she could die. She wants to get baptized before her surgery. I really hope we can decide what is best for her. This whole time, the Spirit has offered small assurances that what we are doing is right. I am so grateful for His guidance. Another small miracle. Monday night, we were going to a less active family's house for FHE. We knew we were going to teach them to make pizza, but we didn't quite know what to do for their lesson. This family is great, but they have a lot of financial and medical problems. Their daughter needs a surgery that is not offered in Armenia and is so expensive. They have a lot of sadness in their life. On Monday morning I woke up early and couldn't get back to sleep. I don't know where the thought came from but I had this idea to teach them about perspective. I had a very detailed lesson plan in my head and I just knew that's what we should teach. We got to their house and earlier that day, a distant relative had passed away. They seemed hopeless. We testified of the Lord's great and eternal plan for their family. I know that Heavenly Father knows His children and will help us to uplift them. Zone conference was this week. It was way long, but so great. We are working on having "divine companionships". We want the Spirit to be an even greater influence in all aspects of our work. I have turned to more prayer and attentiveness to the promptings of the Holy Ghost. There's no crazy huge changes, but the Lord is helping us to become better. I can feel that as I am a willing, qualified instrument, the Lord will use me in accomplishing His will. Also, in Armenia, they don't have a common way to say leap year... I don't know if they don't know what it is or what? weird, huh? I love you all! I'm wishing everyone a great Leap Day. Metc Sirov, Sister Blanchard