Monday, April 4, 2016

January 4, 2016- Happy 2016

I hope everyone had a fun, safe, awesome New Year!! We had to be inside at 5 that night so it wasn't a huge party. But we did wake up at midnight from fireworks. They were going off from EVERYWHERE. Seriously, every building. Even our own! It's pretty cool We went down to the Square last Monday and saw all the lights and fun things and rode in a horse drawn carriage! They love New Years here. It goes until about the 13th of January, which is the old calendar's new year or something. And they celebrate Christmas on the 6th. So the party never stops here! And by party, I mean everyone spends way too much time and way too much money preparing a table of a LOT of food that stays out until the old new year. And all the family and friends and neighbors visit and they eat and drink and dance. And for the missionaries, it's a time of, you can't get a hold of anyone, you can't really visit anyone, or you can visit, but we can't talk about anything churchy... And it snowed a ton so it's really hard to get anywhere. So it's a little frustrating. Also every house you go to, you eat soooo much... It's been a long week. We did the best with what we had though. With all the craziness, I've really felt like I can't do all the things. We were in Malatia for church (Oh right, you knew that) and I was just freaking out a little bit that our investigator in Center didn't go, or that she went and was all alone. And I was praying really hard just feeling like I couldn't make it everywhere I wanted to be, and I had the impression that Heavenly Father makes it to everyone. Just me praying and doing all I can helps the work go forward because God can do it all! We also had Mission Leadership Council this week. I loved it so much! It was like an 8 hour meeting and we just talked about how we can reach the needs of the mission. We came up with goals and themes for the new year and it was great. As for me, I have set some new years goals for the year, my mission, my life and it's been great. I love a fresh start and renewed energy! Let's keep it up all year!!! Love you all!! Quyr Blanchard