Monday, April 4, 2016

December 7, 2015- "It's not the mountains fault."

So I feel like I don't have a ton to say today. I'll just give you all a few main points. We had our first snow here in Artashat this week. It didn't really stick.. It just turned into more mud and ice pretty much. We watched Meet the Mormons in armenian with our ward too! It was way fun, they all loved it! We had zone meeting on Wednesday and we talked a lot about our ward lists. I don't know how it is in other parts of the world but they are huge mess here. We have been giving specific format and been asked to redo them before transfers next friday. So we've been putting a lot of time into that. After the meeting we picked up a mini missionary! She is about 26 and preparing to serve a mission. She's been a member for about 12 years and she's been through a lot. It was really fun to have her and she's going to be a great missionary. It was also great because we basically had a mom with us for the week she would cook and clean all the time for us. So nice . So, for various reasons, we're missing her a lot. Also, we had STAKE CONFERENCE yesterday!! Yay! It was in this fancy hotel in Yerevan and it started an hour late and everyone was just so excited to see all their friends for other wards. It was really fun though. And three returned sister missionaries spoke so that was really cool. [I hope this next story makes sense] One day, we were on our way to a village and Sister Frank and I were admiring Mount Ararat and saying how beautiful it was. Then, Sister Frank: When is it not beautiful?! Me: I guess just when you can't see it. Sister Frank: Well, that's not the mountian's fault. She's so right. It's not the mountain's fault. Even when it's cloudy, or dark out, the mountain is still beautiful! My mission is SO beautiful, sometimes more than others however. But it's not the mission's fault. Furthermore, the blessings of the Gospel often shine very bright in our lives. We see them and marvel and their beauty and influence. But sometimes, we don't see that. It doesn't make those blessings any less real or amazing. We just need to have some patience. Wait out the couldy dark skies until we see the magesty and briliance of the love of our Father in Heaven. His love is always there. I testify of that with all the sincerity and fervency of my heart. I love you all. Sister Blanchard