Monday, April 4, 2016

March 7, 2016- AHHHHHH Transfers...again....‏

I has so many bitter sweet feelings right now. Last transfer with Sister Steele went by way too fast!!! After transfer calls on Tuesday we went and rode this fair ride down by our house to let out a little of our excitement. And some of my favorite elders and sisters went home this week... But I'm really excited about this transfer!! I'm serving with Sister Hutchinson in Center. We aren't in Malatia anymore, which is sad but also a huge load off our shoulders. And the Sister Training leaders are in Georgia now. That was kind of a sad day... But it's going to be so good! I'll just be focusing on the work here. Sister Hutchinson is awesome! This is her second transfer, she's from Wisconsin and, surprise, we were in the same mission prep class at BYU. Crazy. We are having a baptism this week!!! The woman that was being taught by the missionaries and then told her husband about the church is getting baptized!! We are so excited for her. She is so ready. We had the sisters from Georgia stay with us for a few days for transfers. We were all sitting on our bed looking at pictures. and the bed just breaks!! It like just comes apart! So it's like almost 10 pm and we are trying to hammer our bed back together. Our wonderful senior couple came and fixed it in the morning. It was a long night. I took Sister Hutchinson out to a village yesterday to visit some less actives. We took a bus out there. And what's supposed to happen is we're supposed to get off and walked down through this little valley and get to their street. But I guess we got off the bus too soon and walked down into the valley at the wrong part. The path was weaving through all these weeds and rusty run down fences. And we get almost to their street there's a gate... that's locked. I peeked through and it looked like a little path to the main road. So I, being the not smart person that I am, i flipped open the gate and we start walking through. And these HUGE dogs stand up from behind these bushes and start growling at us... And then this lady runs over and calms them down before they KILL US and locks them up. Apparently it was her house. She wasn't very happy. But we were just happy to be not eaten. That's all I got time for! I love my Savior so much. It's so cool to look back and realize how much I've learned of His love and redeeming power throughout my life. I am thankful for His sacrifice for me and everyone I've met and loved. His Gospel is restored upon this earth today. And the evidence of that is found in the Book of Mormon. Mets Sirov Sister Blanchard