Monday, April 4, 2016

March 28, 2016- Happy Easter

I love Easter! In Armenia, they celebrate Easter all week. Last Sunday EVERYONE went to church. And all the women wear these wreath crowns and they get willows to right in the spring season. They make this special rice with dried fruit in it and eat fish and drink lots of wine. And they have a special mass type thing on Easter day. When you greeat each other, one person says something like "Jesus is risen from the dead" and you respond saying "Blessed is the resurrection of Christ." They dye eggs with red onions and they have egg wars. You pick an egg and you have to hit your egg against someone else's. Whoever's egg breaks has to give theirs to the other person. It's cute! I lost though... Sister Hutchinson and I read through the last week of the Savior's life before His crucifixion and resurrection. I have a deeper appreciation for the Savior now and I hope that it lasts all year! I feel so grateful for the sacrament. Every week we come and remember the Savior and our gratitude and love for Him increases. In other news, this week was great!! Things are a bit slow. It might be the holiday. We're not sure. But we do have one investigator that is progressing quite well! She is a member's daughter. She is 19 and she's been around the church for forever. She just never really had a desire to come or anything. All of the sudden she has this desire to get baptized! I know that the Lord really does prepare people for the Gospel and will always give people the opportunity to accept it. I am so excited for this investigator! She is so sweet. She even came to church this week! She want's to get baptized within the next month!! Being a missionary is the best. We met a lady this week that said she remembered how hard it was to be 20 years old. I just thought to myself how hard things really are in the world. I am so blessed to be here, forgetting myself, focusing on Jesus Christ and serving the Armenian people. I love my Heavenly Father and have a huge appreciation for everything He has done for me, especially in giving His Only Begotten Son so that we can be saved from this fallen world and return beack to our heavenly home one day. All my love and prayers, Sister Blanchard