Monday, April 4, 2016

February 15, 2016- The Worst Valentine's Day Ever

HEY GUYS!!! Sorry no letter last week. We spent all day at the GYM. It was amazing!!!! On tuesday for district meeting, our senior couple made us a lunch and we met at their house. We die for them! I love our senior missionaries!!!! After that I went on exchanges with SIS KINDT! It was so fun to be together again. And it was nice because we were both so sore from the gym we understood each other's pain. We found an awesome lady and her daughter that had just moved into the area and said they had met with the missionaries years ago and they lost contact with them! They were so excited to meet with us. What a miracle! Now for the COWS. It started on splits. One of our members called us and told us she bought some cows out in the middle of NOWHERE and wanted us to come see them. I didn't know what to do so I just told her yeah like maybe tomorrow or something but we'll call you later. And she called us like 70 time every day about the dumb cows for the rest of the week. And we're just thinking, why the heck does she want us to see these cows so bad?! We tried to make it work but we have nothing to do out there so we just kept putting it off. We'll come back to the cows.... MEANWHILE, right after splits ended, a mini missionary came! She's about 24, served a lot of mini missions and we had so much fun! She taught us how to make bread and we taught her taco soup. She stayed until Sunday. AKA Valentine's Day. AKA the worst day of my life.... It started out great because the Toltons made us heart shaped pancakes for breakfast. But after that, everything way bad. First of all we went crazy and decided to make all of our members cookies. So we spent a crap ton of time making hundreds of cookies. It was terrible. And then we did member splits so that we could make it to both wards. I went with a senior couple out to Malatia. Our mini missionary's mom goes there, so I brought her things back with me to give to her mom. Aaaanddd.... I left them in the trunk of our taxi... With no way to get a hold of him. It was terrible. The mini took it really well be it was just so sad.. We still have hope we'll get it back. If not, she said it's just a trial and it'll be okay. I love her. And then Sister Steele forgot to pick up this tatik before church and now she HATES us. We wanted to go home and eat and unwind so we watched this like 30 min missionary movie and it was so lame. And now we're back to the cows.... She kept calling and calling and calling. We had to take our mini home anyways and she lives over there so we decided to just go see the dumb cows. It was already getting dark and we found out this member wanted us to get her out there. So we go get her, sit like 5 different transports to get to a whole different city and then to the veeeerrry end of the village. we park the taxi and it's so darkand we have to walk out through the mud and cow poop to get to this little shack to see two little black cows. We didn't stay longer than five minutes and then took our mini home and went home. Valentine's Day did end on a good note though. I think I've told you about our neighbor, Tatik. She is the CUTEST. She hears us coming home and waits for us in the hall. She informs us that it's Valentine's Day and that we should have boyfriends. She knocks on the other neighbors' door (two male students in their 20s). The guy comes out. And Tatik says to him: "You know, it's Valentine's Day... There's an event going on down at the park" And she's eyes the four of us all suspiciously... What are you implying Tatik?!?! Basically we almost got sent up on a date with our neighbors. Happy V Day. But really though, happy VDay. It was a hard day, but the Savior's love overcomes it all. I hope you can all feel that, no matter where you are. If you can't, get down on your knees RIGHT NOW and God will let you know that He loves you. I love you all as well!!!! Sister Blanchard © 2016 Microsoft Terms Privacy & cookies Developers English (United States)